How to maximise the benefits of winning a FreeFrom Food Award

4th June 10.30–11.30 – on Zoom

Join us for our first interactive Zoominar on how to maximise your win of a Freefrom Food Award – led by Cressida and Michelle, the director and founder of the awards – who better!

The workshop will run for 45-60 minutes and consist of 10-15 participants, plus us:
• 5-10 minutes from Cressida and Michelle on how to maximise your win
• Then participants will be randomised into 3 break out rooms with approx 5 participants in each and will get:
– 8 minutes during which to get to know each other and to generate one great question for the speakers
–  At which point they will be taken out of that break out room and randomised to a different one to, again, get to know each other and generate at least one question for the speaker
– This will happen a third time so that by then everyone will have ‘met’ and had a chance to chat to everyone at the Zoominar.
• There will then be 10 minute ‘plenary’ session in which participants can put questions to the speaker/s and there will be a general discussion. (This will be run by us so that we can be sure that everyone who wants to speak has a chance to do so – via Zoom’s trendy little ‘put you hand’ up facility.)
• At a suitable point after this final 10 minutes plenary, we will ‘close’ the formal session but we will leave it open for participants to use our breakout rooms to have private meetings if they want to.

Cost: £55 + VAT

Please email Cressida to book and go to our shop to pay.

FreeFrom Food Awards 2020 Virtual Presentation 28th April 2020

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Here are some of those who came to our Zoom party - dressed to kill!!


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If you have any queries please contact Cressida or call her on (44) 7790 869706‬