FreeFrom Consultancy

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson explains why it has taken so long to launch a consultancy and what the new FreeFrom Consultancy can offer

For years now well meaning folk have been asking us why we do not run a freefrom consultancy. After all we (well, at least I) have been involved in food allergy and allergen free foods for knocking on 30 years – long before the term 'freefrom' was even invented! Surely I must know everything about – and everyone in – the 'freefrom' world?

Well, yes, I probably do! But we have such a weakness for coming up with new projects to do ourselves that using our existing expertise to help others has sort of taken a back seat.

Anyhow, we have finally done so, even if, for now, in a relatively low key way. We do indeed know virtually everyone in freefrom and in due course would like to operate as a hub – able to find an expert in whatever aspect of freefrom you need. But initially we want really to exploit our very extensive databases.

As most of our freefrom contacts will know, we do already do mail shots on subjects that interest us for those with whom we are working – exhibitions such as the Allergy and FreeFrom Show, FreeFrom Europe or Food Matters Live, projects such as First Field Marketing's county shows etc. However, we are now going to offer that service on commercial basis.

That does not mean that we will be mail-shotting all of our contacts all of the time. We will actually be very selective about who we work with and will restrict mailshots to products or services which we feel will be of genuine value to the free from community. But they will no longer need to be products or services with which we are actually involved.

We will also be more active in putting ourselves forward to speak about freefrom to the media or, indeed, anyone else who would like us to speak about it! I am already frequently consulted by journalists from every kind of publication from Food Manufacture magazine to Rip Off Britain. Which is fine! Bring 'em on – we are happy to do more!

So, for a bit more information about the new consultancy, please log in to its site, follow its new account on Twitter or, alternatively, just drop me an email or give me a call – 020 7722 2866!

First published January 2015