Food Standards Agency guidance on Precautionary Allergen Labelling

The FSA's Guidance on Allergen Management and Consumer Information (Voluntary) – Best practice Guidance on Managing Food Allergens with Particular Reference to Avoiding Cross Contamiantion and Using Appropriate Advisory Labelling - is not longer to be found on the FSA website but can be found on that of Reading University should anyone wish to consult it. Check in here.

For those trying to navigate the minefield of PAL and give accurate guidance to the consumer, this is the relevant passage – to be found on page 28 of the docuemnt.

Advisory labelling on possible cross-contamination with allergens should be justifiable only on the basis of a risk assessment applied to a responsibly managed operation. Warning labels should only be used where there is a demonstrable and significant risk of allergen cross- contamination, and they should not be used as a substitute for Good Manufacturing Practices.

June 2019