Quinoa and buckwheat provide better nutrition than wheat

Research published recently in Food Chemistry suggests that quinoa and buckwheat have a higher nutritional content in terms of antioxidants and polyphenols than bread so make an excellent wheat substitute in gluten-free baking, especially as there is some concern that the usual wheat alternatives (rice, corn and potato flour) have sub-optimal levels of essential nutrients.

However, as pointed out but the authors of the research, availability of these products is still limited nd more work needs to be done to establish 'the functionality of these seeds as gluten-free ingredients'.

Courtesy of Food Navigator USA

Food Chemistry Volume 119, Issue 2, Pages 770-778
“Polyphenol composition and in vitro antioxidant activity of amaranth, quinoa buckwheat and wheat as affected by sprouting and baking” : L. Alvarez-Jubete, H. Wijngaard, E.K. Arendt, E. Gallagher

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First Published in Febury 2010