Which foods are Superfoods? Katie Clare, nutritional therapist at inSpiral, gives us the low down on superfoods...


Which foods are superfoods?
inSpiral believes that all natural, wholesome foods could be called Super Foods and that many of these can be bought from your local shop. However there are other Super Foods that serve new purposes as our society becomes increasingly health focused and looks, for example, at foods to support detoxification, healthy ageing and evolution towards a vegan, plant based diet.

In its own unique way every natural, unprocessed wholefood is a Super Food; from grains of brown basmati rice to avocados and broccoli. Each has it's own unique make-up of nourishing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients and other nutritious benefits to share.

Let's consider for a moment the humble white cabbage. This vegetable pretty much fell out of favour for quite some time, considered boring and old fashioned, but now it is back with a bang as society has become more health conscious. The level of sulforaphane in cabbages is raved about for its anti-carcinogenic benefits, while fermenting cabbage is now an awesome domestic activity, allowing you to harvest the beneficial lacto-bacteria for their gastrointestinal, as well as body wide, benefits.

Superfoods are everywhere
When you stop to think about it, it is truly amazing the variety of natural foods that surround us. The variety of colours, shapes, textures, flavours and smells. Even to this day we are still coming across new varieties of fruits and vegetables. So often we just take this non-stop supply for granted but we can enjoy it even more if we stop for a moment every now and then are become truly mindful of the wonder and creativity of it all.


Which Foods does inSpiral Stock as Super Foods?
inSpiral agree that all natural, wholesome foods could be called Super Foods, but so many of these foods can be purchased from your local supermarket or store. There is no reason for inSpiral to start selling apples or blueberries (not from our webshop anyway – we make great use of them in our Camden Cafe). However there are other Super Foods that serve new purposes as our society becomes increasingly health focused. The ideas behind these benefits (such as supporting liver detoxification) may not yet have reached the mainstream market. For example the inSpiral Super Food range includes algaes such as Chlorella and Spirulina; foods that are prized for chelation (the ability to take heavy metals out of the body). It also includes sharp fruits such as acai or acerola; incredibly rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins. Neither of these products in their whole form, as bitters or algaes, would suit most modern day, urban dweller's pallets and so creativity and inspiration have brought them to the modern well-being world in powdered form. Great to add to smoothies, mylks, and other raw creations. Genius! 'Pond water' some of our friends and relatives may call our green drinks – but we know we are very happy with them, and reaping the benefits too!

It is hard to write about the actual scientifically proven benefits of using many of these powdered Super Foods or even to using the regular Super Foods that we have always eaten on a daily basis. Scientific studies may not yet be conclusive or even have started. If they have been conducted then they may have been on mice or conducted in a test tube. Even if they were tested on humans how can you really separate out one action that somebody is doing from everything else in their diet and lifestyle? Powdered super foods are not magic potions making chronic diseases disappear but they can have a role to play in our lives, just like cabbages, brown basmati rice and avocados. All the little things we do in our lives can help optimise our health and support us in remaining as fully nourished and vitalised as possible, as we age. Healthy ageing is now recognised as one of the most important health dilemmas of our time. A Super You needs Super Foods, alongside Super Sleep, Super Friends, Super Life Purpose and Super You Time.


Katie Clare
Nutritional Therapist mBANT regCNHC




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