Raising the profile of freefrom foods
within the industry and with the consumer

Sponsorship 2018

'We see a decent uplift in enquiries from people at the awards and consider our sponsorship definitely worth the investment.' Genon Laboratories, long term awards sponsors.

Benefits of sponsorship

• Take the lead in a rapidly growing sector of the food industry
• Raise the profile of your company with the people who really matter

 Sponsor’s logo to appear as an ad with a direct link to their site on all pages of the FreeFrom Food Awards website – 01/8/17 – 31/7/18

•  Sponsor’s name to appear on all printed and on line material detailing the awards and acknowledgement of sponsorship to appear in all media coverage (as far as is in our control) 01/09/17–30/6/18

• Sponsor to be acknowledged and thanked on an ongoing basis via all of our social media sites

• Two, three or four free invitations to the presentation party, depending on the category.

• An opportunity to present the winner of the category sponsored with their certificate, and to be photographed with them, at the presentations

•  Exposure at planned trade exhibitions 2017/8

Special Awards – see here

Winners Buffet 2018 – Sponsored by Yumbles

1. Innovation Award
Sponsored for 2018 by Food Matters Live

The judges will be looking for instances of exciting technical, gastronomic and even functional innovation in 'freefrom' food manufacture.

Sponsorship: £3,000

2. No Top 14 – Sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign

New category in 2017 to celebrate those products which have gone the extra 13 miles and include none of the top 14 allergens!

Sponsorship: £2,500

3. Best product from a start-up
Sponsored for 2018 by Tesco

A new category in 2016 designed to encourage small start-ups. Previous winners have benefited from mentoring from Tesco's technical and marketing experts.

Sponsorship: £2,000

4. • NEW • Products made with FODMAP friendly ingredients
Sponsored for 2018 by FODMAP Friendly

Avoiding high FODMAP foods has been found to be helpful for many people suffering from food intolerance. A new category to explore what is available.

Sponsorship: £1,500

5. • NEW • FreeFrom foods for export
Sponsored for 2018 by Delamere Dairy

UK freefrom companies are increasingly looking not just to Europe but to the Middle East, India, China, Australia and the US for their markets. This category will seek out some of the products that they are exporting – and we are delighted to have it sponsored in it first year by Queen's Award for Export winners, Delamere Dairy.

Sponsorship: £1,500

6. Breakfast Foods
Sponsored for 2018 by Integrated Food Projects Ltd

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Breakfast baked goods

This is one of our ‘multiple product’ categories and offers the sponsor significantly more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £2,500

7. • NEW • Milk Product Alternatives
Sponsored for 2018 by House

  • Lactose reduced cow's milk, goat, sheep, buffalo & camel
  • Plant based products

The recent growth in this sector we now feel justifies a category of its own including 'milk alternatives', spreads/butters, 'cheeses', yogurt and ice cream.

Sponsorship: £1,500

8. Breads
Sponsored for 2018 by Ilumi

The most 'staple' of the staple products and always one of the best 'populated'! Whole loaves and sliced breads, rolls, buns....
Breakfast breads, croissants etc will be put into Breakfast; sweet breads, tea breads etc into TeaTime!

Sponsorship: £2,000

9. Store cupboard
Sponsored for 2018 by Genius Gluten Free

Any store cupboard item, ambient, dried, or frozen, excluding pasta and pizza bases but including bread and cake mixes.
A very large and absolutely crucial category in freefrom.  Offers the sponsor more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £2,500

10. Pasta and pizza
Sponsored for 2018 by Sacla

A vital part of any diet, freefrom or otherwise!
Always a very popular category in freefrom.  Offers the sponsor more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £1,500

11. Superfoods and sports supplements
Sponsored for 2018 by Tiana Fair Trade Organics

A new category last year, to include protein shakes and other sports supplements that all too often are based on whey or gluten-filled proteins.

Sponsorship: £1,000

12. ‘Food to go' and Vending
Sponsored for 2018 by the Allergy+FreeFrom Show

A big high-street growth area for freefrom with most coffee shops and lunch outlets now offering at least one 'freefrom' option.

Sponsorship: £2,000

13.  'Down the Pub' – gluten-free beers
Sponsored for 2018 by Asda

Always a very successful category showcasing both barley-based and totally gluten-free beers.

Sponsorship: £2,000

14.  Savoury Snacks and Crackers
Sponsored for 2018 by Romer Labs

Crisps, snacks and nuts to drink with those beers and crackers, to eat on their own or with cheese or dips.

Sponsorship: £1,000

15. 'Meaty' and 'fishy' ready-meals
Sponsored for 2018 by SYNLAB

Burgers, sausages, pies, pasties, soups and one-pot meals! Any meal that you can take out of the freezer, the fridge or the store cupboard – then heat up and enjoy in front of the telly! Great entries last year!

Sponsorship: £1,500

16. 'Veggie' ready-meals
Sponsored for 2018 by Orgran

Burgers, sausages, pies, pasties, soups and one-pot meals! Any veggie meal that you can take out of the freezer, the fridge or the store cupboard – then heat up and enjoy in front of the telly!

Sponsorship: £1,500

17.  Foods designed for children
Sponsored for 2018 by FREEE by Doves Farm

One of our most popular categories, run for us each year by nutritionist Christine Bailey and judged by a very enthusiastic team of 6 – 16-year-olds!

Sponsorship: £2,000

18.  Tea Time!
Sponsored for 2018 by Prewett's / Northumbrian Fine Foods

Combining the very traditional 'freefrom' cake and biscuit categories, 'TeaTime' offers the sponsor more exposure and coverage than the single product awards.

Sponsorship: £2,000

19. Dessert and puddings
Sponsored for 2018 by Mrs Crimbles

A very successful category bringing together every kind of dessert and pudding from Sticky toffee pudding to coconut cream, including seasonal desserts – such as Christmas pud!

Sponsorship: £1,500

20.  Confectionery – chocolate and sweets
Sponsored for 2018 by Wellaby's

We are looking for everything from everyday chocolate and candy bars to gift confectionery, seasonal confectionery (Christmas and Easter), low sugar/sugar free confectionery and any other sort of 'freefrom' confectionery that we have not thought of!

Sponsorship: £1,000

21. Snack Bars
Sponsored for 2018 by Synergis Marketing

An essential item in every school lunch box, brief case, handbag and sports bag these days...
FreeFrom cereal bars, fruit bars, energy bars, nut bars, protein bars, grain free bars, raw bars, superfood bars and, no doubt, many more!

Sponsorship: £1,000

Special Awards

Retailer of the Year
Sponsored for 2018 by Oakland International

An exciting category designed to reflect the significant role that the supermarkets have played in the development of 'freefrom'.

Sponsorship: £2,000

FreeFrom Hero Award 2018
Sponsored by Lucy Bee

Following the success of our FreeFrom SuperHero award last year we have decided to keep the award but to look both inside and outside the industry for our 2018 hero. So we are seeking someone who has made a major contribution to freefrom, in no matter how humble a role. An excellent caring freefrom school cook, a café owner who really caters freefrom – all suggestions welcome.

Sponsorship: £2,000

If you have any queries or would like to talk to us about the project email Michelle or Cressida or call on (44) 20 7722 2866.