Winner of the FAIR Trophy for the best free-from food 2009

Winner 2009


The Healthy Cake Company
organic Carrot and Raisin Cake




'This year's final judging to choose the winner of the FAIR trophy could have been seen as the battle of the carrot cakes!' said Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, editor of Foods Matter and chair of the judges. 'Excellent though many of the other category winners were, it was the joint winners of the Cake, muffin and sweet biscuit category that stood out.'

Although both cakes (The Gluten Free Kitchen and The Healthy Cake Company) were 'moist, light, tasty and very home made', as well as being both gluten/wheat and dairy free, the Healthy Cake Company's organic Carrot and Raisin Cake won on its looks and on its delicious, not over-sweet icing.

Gluten-eating carrot-cake lovers among the judges agreed that you would never have known that this carrot cake was 'free-of' anything at all and they would have been very happy to be offered it on any occasion.

'We were delighted that the Healthy Cake Company had gone the extra mile' said Michelle 'to make the cake dairy free as well as gluten free. There is currently a trend amongst manufacturers of gluten-free products to add small amounts of dairy to previously gluten and dairy-free products, which is enormously frustrating for the many people who are intolerant of both. That the cake was also organic was just an extra bonus.'

The Healthy Cake Company


Innovation award

Winner: Genius gluten-free white bread

'At last - a gluten-free bread that really could be mistaken for a normal bread' was the comment of not just one, but several of the judges.

Gluten-free bread is notoriously difficult to make as no gluten substitute really has the elasticity which, when combined with yeast, gives bread its unique texture. So Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne has really achieved a breakthrough with her Genius bread based on a mix of potato, corn, tapioca and brown rice flour.

It looks like a normal loaf, cuts like a normal loaf, has good both crumb and crust and a pleasant 'real bread' flavour. More importantly for those on gluten-free diets, you can use it straight from the pack (no refreshing needed) and it lasts for several days without staling. Its only disadvantage, at the moment, is its price but hopefully, as it gets wider distribution, this will come down.

'Excellent though many of the other innovative products were in this category,' said Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, editor of Foods Matter and chair of the judges, 'the Genius loaf stood out as a skilful and imaginative solution to a hitherto intractable manufacturing problem.'


Highly commended:
Bob the Builder organic corn and rice pasta shapes

Lactofree soft white cheese

Individual Categories:

1. Breakfast cereals

Barkat organic chocolate rice crunchies

Highly commended:
Bakery on Main nutty cranberry granola
Whole Earth organic cornflakes

Eat Natural toasted buckwheat pumpkin seeds, raisins and mango

2. Bread and bread mixes

Proceli Complet brown rice bread

Highly commended:
Droppa & Droppa mixed seed loaf
Juvela all-purpose mix
Sainsbury’s free-from ciabatta

Glutafin multi-purpose white mix
Juvela sliced white bread
Mrs Crimble’s bread mix
Roley’s teff flour bread-mix

3. Pasta, pizza and pizza bases

Dietary Specials pasta – mais and riso

Highly commended:
Antoinette Savill pizza bases
Barkat white rice pizza crust

Dietary Specials rigatoni with Mediterranean vegetables
Glutafin penne
Orgran rice and millet pasta
Rizopia organic brown rice penne
Sainsbury’s free-from beef lasagne

4. Pies, flans, sausages and sauces

Anila's spicy korma curry sauce

Highly commended:
Droppa & Droppa Spanish tart
Richard Woodall Cumberland unsmoked pork sausages
Waitrose pork sausages

Clive’s organic vegetable chilli pie
Dietary Specials steak pie
Sauces of Choice Black cherry sauce

5. Savoury snacks and biscuits

Mrs Crimble's original cheese bites

Highly commended:
Barkat plain pretzels
Clearspring organic multigrain rice cakes

Nairn’s cheese oatbakes
Tesco free-from cheese crackers
Village Bakery organic oatcakes

6. Cakes, muffins and sweet biscuits

Gluten Free Kitchen carrot cake
Healthy Cake Company organic carrot and raisin cake

Highly commended:
Glutafin digestive biscuits
Kallo Free to Enjoy Indulgent Biscuit Deeelights
Lazy Day Foods chocolate gingers
Waitrose double choc muffins

Crayve’s apple muffin mix
Lovemore Freefrom Foods chocolate chip cookies
Pure Flavour lemon drizzle mini cakes
Tesco free-from chocolate muffins

7. Chocolate and cereal bars

Plamil orange chocolate with cranberries

Highly commended:
Eat Natural brazils, sultana, almond and hazelnut bars
Kinnerton luxury dark chocolate egg
Village Bakery pumpkin seed and cranberry bar

BoojaBooja organic ginger truffles
D & D dark couverture chocolate egg
It’s Nut Free fudge flapjack
Sainsbury’s free-from mint crisps

8. Christmas goodies

Especially Delicious Christmas cake

Highly commended:
Gluten Free Kitchen Christmas cake
Tesco Christmas pudding
Tesco mince pies
Village Bakery organic Christmas cake

Barkat Christmas pudding
Livwell iced Christmas cake
Lovemore free-from mince pies
Pure Flavour mince pies

9. Milk and yoghurt

Tesco semi-skimmed goat's milk

Highly commended:
Lactofree strawberry yoghurt
Sainsbury sweetened fresh soya drink

Provamel fruits of the forest yoghurt

10. Butter, cheese and spread

Tofutti creamy smooth original

Highly commended:
Delamere Dairy hard goat ’s cheese
Pure dairy-free soya spread

Redwood Cheezly Mozzarella style
Woodland’s Park goat’s butter

11. 'Ice creams', puddings and desserts

Swedish Glacé Vanilla Lollies

Highly commended:
B ’Nice strawberry ice cream
BoojaBooja Stuff in a Tub maple and pecan
Gluten Free Kitchen bread and butter pudding

Almondy almond tart
Alpro long-life vanilla custard
BoojaBooja Stuff in a Tub chocolate
Christine’s sticky toffee pudding
GFree apple and mincemeat tray
OK chocolate sponge
Sainsbury’s free-from syrup pudding
Tofutti Cuties chocolate

12. Products made in a nut-free environment

Plamil orange chocolate with cranberries

Highly commended:
It’s Nut Free chewy oat and raisin cereal
Kinnerton luxury dark chocolate egg
Orgran vanilla cake mix

Barkat Matzo crackers
Chilly Billy apple & raspberry ice lolly